Tutorials: how to make a VR cube

Sometimes we need a VR cube to illustrate some background information for the audience to let them better understand the stories. In my case, I use a VR cube to show how I got to Xel-Ha park from Cancun.

Youtube link: VR Cube

1. PR_Create a new project
012. PR_Create a new sequence02
3. PR_Leave sequence presets unchanged and goes to sequence settings

4. PR_Import a video03

5. PR_Change video size and position

6. PR_export video_setting as usual

7. AE_Create a new project

8. AE_Import White Wall Image (1920*960)

9. AE_Mettle Extractor


10. AE_Go to output section and double-click the conversion button, go to combined section05

11. AE_Use PR video to replace all the cubes

13. AE_Import video and use it to cover the front cube, spread it to all other 5 cubes06
14. AE_Go to output section and check everything

15. AE_Export to Render Queue CC_Set as VR video

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