How to Setup Bridge – Mix Reality and Positional Tracking VR Headset for iPhone and iOS


What is Bridge?

In brief, Bridge is a headset that allows users to copy and reconstruct real environment and let themselves immerse in the environment and interact with it.

Official Website of Bridge:

Introduction Video of Bridge:

What’s in the box?

Bridge Headset

  • Bridge Headset
  • 120º Wide Vision Lens (already attached to Bridge headset)
  • Bridge Controller (3-DoF)
  • AAA Batteries (2x)
  • Bridge Lightning Cable
  • Alternate Face Pad
  • Alternate Lens Spacers
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • Bridge Headset Quick Start Guide
  • Bridge Controller Quick Start Guide

Structure Sensor Package

  • Structure Sensor
  • Lightning Cable
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Screwdriver
  • M1.6 Screws (8x)
  • Structure Sensor User Manual

How to use Bridge for the first time?

0- You need an iPhone (6,6S, 7,8)

1- Charge the Structure Sensor and attach the 3D scanner with the headset (Like what is shown below)

Phone going into Bridge.gif

2- While charging, download two Apps

1- BRIDGET: A mixed reality robot


This one is the main App that we would actually use to experience Mix Reality.

2- Structure Sensor Calibrator


This one is an assistant App that we need to calibrate 3D scanner in order to let iPhone and 3D scanner can work together. (Use this one before the main App)

3- Download a calibration calibrator checkerboard

The link:


4- Now open the Structure Sensor App and follow the instruction.

WeChat Image_20171027215211.png

5- Display the calibrator checkerboard to full-screen and calibrate by following the instruction.

6- After calibration, open the App BRIDGET and plug the lightning cable into iPhone (Make sure your phone is in Do-Not-Disturb mode and has enough juice. Once a notification pops out or a low battery warning is shown on the iPhone’s screen, users have to reopen the App and start again.)


Controller introduction:


WeChat Image_20171027220353.png

Then press “trigger” to launch the App

7- Scan your surrounding environment by moving the headset

WeChat Image_20171028103032.png

WeChat Image_20171028103016.png

Now you can immerse yourself in the environment that you just scanned and interact with Bridge robot! Look at him to active him and select interactive activities by pulling the trigger.

8- Enjoy your Mix Reality experience.

520x293bb (1).jpg


A Guide for How to Use Ricoh Theta V

Ricoh just released its new 360 camera Ricoh Theta V.

And I made a guide for people who are interested in trying to use it for great works.


Hope it will be helpful.

Tutorials: how to make a VR cube

Sometimes we need a VR cube to illustrate some background information for the audience to let them better understand the stories. In my case, I use a VR cube to show how I got to Xel-Ha park from Cancun.

Youtube link: VR Cube

1. PR_Create a new project
012. PR_Create a new sequence02
3. PR_Leave sequence presets unchanged and goes to sequence settings

4. PR_Import a video03

5. PR_Change video size and position

6. PR_export video_setting as usual

7. AE_Create a new project

8. AE_Import White Wall Image (1920*960)

9. AE_Mettle Extractor


10. AE_Go to output section and double-click the conversion button, go to combined section05

11. AE_Use PR video to replace all the cubes

13. AE_Import video and use it to cover the front cube, spread it to all other 5 cubes06
14. AE_Go to output section and check everything

15. AE_Export to Render Queue CC_Set as VR video